Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. How do I choose the right knife to add to my collection?
A. It is a personal collectors choice, of course. You may lean toward tactical or traditional pocket knives. Frank’s has a huge availability of traditional USA made pocket and fixed blade knives available for purchase.

Q. Which Frank’s Classic Knives brands are made in the USA?
A. All knives carried by Frank’s are made in the USA. Many are still made in century old factories by families rich in the history of knife manufacturing and collecting.

Q. Can I use my collectible knife?
A. Many collectors do use their knives. Ultimately the decision is entirely up to you and the nature of your collection.

Q. What makes a knife a collectible?
A. Quality…”Walk and Talk”…”Fit and Finish.” Low Quantity. Frank’s Classic Knives solely sells high quality, low quantity, knives made in the USA by the best knife makers in the industry.

Shopping & Ordering

Q. When I add the knife to my cart will it prevent someone else from purchasing it?
A. No, It is removed from the inventory when you complete the purchase.

Q. Does the Frank’s Classic Knives have a wishlist that I can save and share with others?
A. Yes, a link to your wishlist  is at the top of every page.

Q. What payment options are available on the Frank’s Classic Knives website?
A. Personal Check, Money Order, Paypal, and most major credit cards.

Q. How do I stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Frank’s Classic Knives?
A. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or subscribe to our newsletter for up to date announcements from Frank’s Classic Knives. Our newly designed homepage also features our latest knife listings. Check back often to see our latest release on the Frank’s Classic Knives website.

Shipping & Returns

Q. How long will it take to get my knife?
A. Same Day Shipping. "Lightning Fast Shipping to You."

Q. What is the shipping fee for a knife purchased from
A. All knives purchased from the Frank’s Classic Knives website ( are shipped FREE. Yep, that’s right…Free shipping, great service, best bang for your buck. We invite you to check it out, just compare.

Q Do you ship internationally?
A. International buyers…we love your business! Please email us for shipping charges.

Q. What is the Frank’s Classic Knives Return Policy?
A. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority. Returns are easy, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item to Frank’s Classic Knives within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. Returns take up to 10 business days from receiving a return to process. Before returning an item, please contact Frank’s Classic Knives via email or call (828)246.1745 and let us know what item you are returning and why. 

We at Frank’s Classic Knives do our best to provide you with the highest quality knives and accessories, in perfect condition, as quickly as possible. Every shipment is inspected for quality and will be checked for accuracy and quality prior to shipping. Should you experience an issue, please contact us. We are here to help and guarantee your satisfaction.

Q. Does Frank’s Classic Knives Charge a restocking fee on returns?
A. No, Frank's Classic Knives always ship free (when purchased from with no additional mark up to cover the cost of shipping. On top of that, we don't charge  a restocking fee on returned items!

Knives and Materials

Q. What is BG-42 Steel?
A. BG-42 Steel is a proprietary alloy of Timken Latrobe Steel. It is a martensitic steel as it forms an internal Martensite structure when heated and cooled. This steel is of great interest in the cutlery industry and is well known for high performance, strength and excellent edge hold ability.

Q. What is Winterbottom Bone?
A. To the person that is not a collector or enthusiast of antique cutlery, the words “Winterbottom bone” must seem a strange pairing of these words. However, to those who love the old cutlery, those two words are very familiar and bring an instant picture to mind of distinctive and unique liner grooved and stained bone handled knives. The very distinctive visual character of Winterbottom bone was used for knife handles of some by America’s oldest cutleries; it was a bone handle material for pocket, hunting and table cutlery during the first half of the last century. Queen Cutlery of Titusville, Pennsylvania was the principal user of Winterbottom bone handle material, but it is also known that Case, Imperial, Camillus, Cattaraugus, Ka-Bar and others also produced some knives with Winterbottom Bone handles. More Info

Q. Who Created Winterbottom Bone?
A. The Winterbottom bone’s distinctive jigging and coloring was developed by Samuel Winterbottom of Egg Harbor, NJ. In the 1924 book, “South Jersey, a History 1864 – 1924,” Samuel is described as “Possessing artistic taste, as well as the skill of a fine artisan.” More Info