A Timeless Purveyor Of Classic Pocket Knives

Frank’s Classic Knives specializes in collecting and selling fine, high quality pocket and fixed blade knives. Often crafted in traditional, family owned, generational manufacturing facilities in the USA. Frank’s carries brands including Queen Cutlery, Case Cutlery, Great Eastern, Lile, Loveless, Kious, Herron, Randall, Davison, Centofante, Tuna Valley, Schatt & Morgan, and many custom makers; Knives that (I hope you’ll agree) are a good investment and a welcome addition to any collection.

A collection is as timeless as the owner and can easily become a hobby, turned addiction, to later be handed down to generations to come.

From my collection to yours
~ Frank B. Powers
  The Timeless Purveyor of Classic Knives